Catering and Banquets

Class Act Dinner Theatre also operates a full service catering operation. From simple cheese and cracker plates to full course sit down dinners for hundreds. On site we can accomodate groups from 20 to 220.

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1 : Is Class Act Dinner Theatre a smoke-free establishment?
A : Yes; but we have a covered area outside, with benches and ashtrays.

2 : Is the facility wheelchair accessible?
A : Yes. From the moment you enter from our car park, everything – the lobby, ticket office, washrooms, buffet area and most of the Theatre is on ONE level. However please advise us of any special needs when booking.

3 : If a party of just two people wish to attend, will they have to share a larger table with complete strangers?
A : No. Our seating arrangements are suited to the size of the party, thus a party of two will have their own table. What we like to call “Intimate Seating”

4 : Do you cater for special dietary needs?
A : Yes and all of our buffets offer a nice selection of Vegetarian Dishes. Just ensure that when making your reservation, you mention your special requirements – We will do our best to satisfy your needs!

5 : Will I move into another area after dinner in order to see the play?
A : No. You remain at your table. The dishes are cleared, you replenish your drink, turn your chair to the best position, sit back and enjoy the show.

6 : Does the bar remain open during the play?
A : No. But it does open during the intermissions, and with special arrangements at the end of the play.

7 : Do you present any other kinds of plays besides Comedies?
A : We feel there are enough problems in today’s world without intruding on your leisure time with heavy drama. People love to laugh, so we concentrate on comedies. We did, however, present “Deathtrap” in the summer of 2006, an incredible Thriller/Comedy and the longest running show on Broadway.

8 : Where do you get your actors?
A : For the most part, our actors, and directors, are the very best from the several Community Theatres here in Durham Region, together with some from Toronto, but almost every show, we introduce talented newcomers.

9 : How can I ensure that I get a good seat?
A : There are NO bad seats. Our small space offers four levels for excellent viewing; however, our table seating allocation is based the date of your reservation, thus the earlier you reserve, the better your choice of seating.

10 : If I am seated at the back of the hall, will I be able to see and hear?
A : The furthest table from the stage is only 49 feet, we have four levels and the rear most 20-foot section of the theatre is raised two feet, so everyone has a clear view of the stage.

Business Services

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Call a Professional for Commercial Door Repair

Durable and reliable exits and entrances are a major requirement for every business. It is important because it is the responsibly of the business owners to keep the customers and the premises secure. In the process of safeguarding your property and people the doors are exposed to various environmental conditions and weather changes. This makes the doors prone to damage and starts decaying.

commercial door repair

Therefore, to maintain the performance of the doors and keep your building safe, you should invest in commercial door repair and maintenance regularly. This work is best done by the professional contractors who take proper care of your commercial doors and maintains the zeal of them. Their work is sure to increase the lifespan of the doors and keep them in working condition for a longer duration. Some of the other benefits of commercial door repair services are:

  • Safety – A typical commercial door has many movable parts and the mechanisms on which they work are usually complex. If you try to do the repairs on your own with insufficient tools and knowledge, you may end up risking your and other people’s lives that are present inside your property. The professionals of the commercial door repair industry are highly skilled and well equipped.
  • commercial door repairDamage Prevention – An individual who does not have the due experience to handle the commercial doors tends to damage even the types of equipment that they are using which can be harmful to the people around. The mistakes done by them can cost you heavy. If you do not want to waste your money and endanger your people, get the work of your commercial doors done by the commercial door repair personnel.
  • Better work quality – You can very easily differentiate the work of an amateur and a qualified skills person. The work done by experienced personnel is sure to attract the attention of the people. Hence, if you want to make a good impression of your building, hire licensed professionals to repair your commercial door.
  • Flexibility – An expert technician has immense knowledge and can guide you as per your needs. Commercial doors are different shapes, sizes, and materials. If you are not able to decide upon the door that you want to plant in your building, the professionals would help you make the best choice. They can suggest roll-up doors, fire-proof doors or extra-durable doors as per necessity.
  • Peace of mind – When he work of your commercial door is done by a professional who is experienced, certified for best performance and is licensed, you feel contented. You experience a relieved state in your mind that your property is on safe hands. The fact that your business’s works aren’t the first commercial work of the professionals allows you to rest at ease.
  • Legal matters – There are specific laws and codes imposed by different countries regarding the commercial doors available in the market. The well-versed technicians have sound knowledge about them. So, when your contractor decides upon the appearance and design of your door, you are assured that they are confirmed only after considering the country’s law.

You do not have to trouble your mind for when the maintenance of your commercial door is regulated by advanced professionals.

Real Estate

Is Commercial Mortgage Beneficial For Us?

Nowadays, commercial property is a great source of income. People intend to purchase business premises because it has become a reasonable investment and having your property can be a significant business resource. This article is going to conclude a commercial mortgage. We are going to enlist the benefits and drawbacks of commercial mortgage that will be lead to a significant aspect. Let us first understand the aspect of a commercial mortgage toronto by knowing the basics about it.

What is a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is a source of investment or if you are interested in availing a commercial loan, then the bank can take a mortgage to ensure its timely payment of a loan. Numerous flexibility factors are available in the commercial mortgage Toronto package. It can be organized either with fixed or variable loan cost installments. It can be used for the following things-

  • Create an existing property
  • Grow new property
  • Broaden current premises
  • Private improvements and tasks
  • Business advancements and activities
  • Purchase land

Benefits of commercial mortgages

  • Lower financing costs

 Business property contracts regularly have lower loan costs than other unsecured borrowing. Opting to have fixed month to month reimbursements implies you can precisely utilize them in your business arrangement and empowering you to structure the fund of your business with more scope.

  • A gain in capital investment

Generous capital addition can be made when purchasing a business property. This can be a decent method for acknowledging capital development over an extensive stretch as property cost is consistently rising.

The rise of long period property costs and purchasing your premises are a type of speculation, as much as the zone you are purchasing is correct. Business property costs can frequently rise in a short space of time, making your speculation an intelligent one.

  • Leasing potential

In an extraordinary case that you have any extra space in or on the property you possess. You can monetise it by renting the surplus space to create an extra salary.

  • Utilizing a home loan

 if you are unable to pay your home loan, or you have to move to greater premises that you choose to close your business, you are still left with a lot of alternatives if your home loan is commercially authenticated by any bank.

Drawbacks of commercial mortgage

  • Raising a store

The store you need could be significant. Not exclusively it is difficult to raise the large deposit; this money might be better utilized in different parts of your association.

  • Property support

All support, security and the general upkeep of your premises should be paid. If it is attempted by you, you can’t file any complain to the proprietor.

  • Falling property costs

The consistently varying cost of the property can downturn the influence of estimation of your property which can bring about diminished capital, influencing your accounts and future accepting capacity.

  • Cost of loan

The rate can vary as per the terms of monetary administrations, any change in loan costs will bring an increase in your month to month reimbursements. You will be dependent upon the base rate and the choices of the Bank of Britain.

All these are a few of the details regarding the utilization of commercial mortgage. The benefits and drawbacks of commercial mortgage are going to help you a lot in concluding its usage.

Finance & Accounting

Don’t Blow Up Your Financial Future In The ’40s

We wrote recently about why people in their 30’s should think about their retirement, & why this is a time whether you should start saving seriously to accomplish your desired retirement lifestyle. We had a great reaction to this paper, and several individuals in their 40’s asked for some tips on how to manage money at their phase of life.

financial solutions in Canada

So, here’s our Top 10 Tips to Manage your 40’s money, and also have best financial solutions in Canada

  1. Keep your lifestyle in check

The financial pressure begins to ease a bit for a large number of people as they approach their forties. Because of career progression and higher earnings, bills (especially mortgage repayments) no longer look so overwhelming. And this is when the lifestyles of people may run out of control. Instead of making good use of their increased wealth, they quickly increase their lifestyle until it becomes the new “norm”. But as a result, that tough-earned extra income ends up giving your long-term financial health zero impact. To make good use of the additional wealth have a good financial solutions in Canada.

  1. Be careful about the debt

Higher incomes & higher financial resources available generally lead to people being less cautious about their money because they have the financial weaponry to suffer some losses. Once you can easily buy these losses, that’s all right. Any gains rapidly multiplied when you afford to buy for investment purposes. But, these losses increased if you suffer losses with utilized investments. When the economy collapsed in 2008, many Irish investors experienced catastrophic losses, many of them because they were using debt to finance their investments. Be very vigilant about debt.

financial solutions in Canada

  1. Be careful what you’re spending at home

financial solutions in CanadaWe’re all about living comfortably, but be careful not to turn your house all over your neck into an unwanted things. That we have seen several instances of people on their contract with the back broken, and then decide that it’s time to rebuild the house and hence move to a larger home. Usually, the rationale is about higher levels of income, making this necessary, and also because the children need more space–don’t they? Then this may make sense; all be mindful that the money spent upon your own house is hard to recover; it is generally not wholly reflected in future evaluations. Think about the next 5-10 years as well–will you want a more substantial house when the children decided it was time to move on?

  1. Don’t underestimate yourself and your health!

Becoming sucked into & involved in your children’s lives is very easy (and rewarding). Do not allow this to happen to your health & other relationships. It is possible that not taking good care of your wellbeing can lead to nasty medical bills down the track. So make sure that you continue to eat well and exercise regularly and keep good financial solutions in Canada to keep you in good condition. And make sure that you have quality time away from the children with your partner. The risk of the nasty (and very expensive) separation down the street is to let yourself drift apart. Continue the nights of the date!

Finance & Accounting

It Is A Market For Buyers: Why & How To Purchase Silver Bullion Now?

The versatility is one of the top characteristics when to buy silver. It comes in a broad spectrum of shapes & sizes, including some of which are particularly suitable for trade & barter.

When it comes to sound cash debates, Silver is often shadowed by its cheaper counterpart, gold. Yes, gold is much more probable to be kept as a currency metal in reserve to support a currency. But in real, daily transactions, silver are more probable to be exchanged by people.

buy silver

It is not practical to use a gold coin to pay for just a cup of coffee. However, factional buy silver coins can close the prices of just about anything on the menu of a coffee shop:

  • In terms of its inherent metal content, a 90% silver dime is valued just over a dollar.
  • A quarter of silver, approximately $2,85.
  • Half-dollar silver, $5.70.
  • A pure silver round of half an ounce, $9.00.
  • And a silver round of one ounce, $16.60.

In the future, 90% of silver coins before 1965 may order additional historical / scarcity prices above their melt importance. Now, at the finest silver bullion rates, you can get them, offering you the free “call option” to raise premiums.

buy silver

Silver for Wealth Building

For barter and trade, each silver investor must have a few small denomination coins/round. Also, those seeking to allocate important wealth to silver will discover products of bigger size more cost-effective & easy to store.

As commonly acknowledged, the conventional one-ounce coins/round area excellent starting point. Most personal rounds are as pure (.999 silver) as being more popular coins minted by the state like silver American Eagles.

The benefit of opting for non-official coin status goods is that they tend to bear reduced premiums – offering you more metal to your dollar.

Serious buy silver stackers should take into account bigger bullion bars, which prefer to be the most price-effective way to build silver prosperity. Silver bars in sizes of 1 oz, kilo, 100 oz,  5 oz, 10 oz, and 1,000 oz are available.

buy silver

Except when keeping in a Comex depository, the 1,000 oz bars are usually not advised. These bulky bars are hard to manage and ship & may need to be tested before selling unless they are kept in a Comex warehouse.

The 100 ouncer is the biggest bar that most investors should consider owning. It is not too heavy to manage & it’s easy to sell back to retailers.

Silver for Displaying & Gifting

You don’t want to purchase silver just depending on its falling value sometimes. Maybe the best way to purchase silver is based on its characteristics of history, education, or aesthetics. Maybe you want the silver to display prominently in your office or to give Christmas to loved ones.

An excellent alternative to gift cards, money or other run-of-the-mill presents, this gleaming pure silver coin. Bringing larger smiles to the faces of people is nearly ensured than the equal value depicted in paper or plastic.

Home Improvemenet

Three Amazing Tips to Redesign Your Kitchen Cabinets, Pantry and Drawers in Mississauga

Life can become hectic in this busy world. Things tend to get jumbled and out of place at these difficult seasons. This mostly happens inside your homes. In some situations, your home will stay clean, organized and clutter-free. But after some time, a difficult and trying time appears and your house suddenly seems messy, cluttered and disorganized. You can conveniently overcome the untidiness by organizing your kitchen cabinets Mississauga, pantry and drawers using the given below tips.

kitchen cabinets mississauga

The Great Purge

Before you get to organize your kitchen cabinets Mississauga, drawers and pantry, you must concentrate on eliminating unnecessary clutter and waste from your house. Get away duplicate items such as pans, pots, utensils and more right way. Remove items which you no longer use and donate all of them to your favorite charity. And cut down the excess items which you currently have at your home. After purging your house of useless stuff, you can finally start the organizing process.

Assemble Your Kitchen with Intelligibility in Mind

At the time of the organization process, it is significant to make day-to-day regularly used items easily accessible. We usually have the kitchens spread throughout with stuff that we use every time, some of the time or just on rare events. Hence, whenever you start organizing, keep the intelligence at the top of your mind.

Do you carry a favorite pan or pot which you nearly use all the day? Try to have a prominent place for it in the front of the cabinet. If you have other items which you use frequently, make sure you can reach them easily after everything is put in order and its correct place.

kitchen cabinets mississauga

Organizational Baskets Will Surprise Your Kitchen Cabinets and Pantries

Do your kitchen cabinets Mississauga appear shoddy and disorganized? Adding on organizational baskets can make a lot of difference. Instead of leaving items here and there around the kitchen, you can keep them into their designated baskets. This will surely increase the beauty of your kitchen. Designate a particular basket for cereal boxes, the other one for plastic utensils and as many others as you think essential. This tip will make your pantry and cabinets appear clutter-free, the way exactly you like it.

Hire Specialists for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is the place where most of the mess takes place. As you use the kitchen all the time, it is sure to get disorganized. If you hire professional experts for organizing your kitchen cabinets Mississauga, you will get a well-finished and organized kitchen as they are highly experienced in that. Think cleverly before you go for the kitchen organization process and hire the experts only for this process.

kitchen cabinets mississauga


Undoubtedly, having well-ordered kitchen cabinets Mississauga, drawers and pantries is the final goal. You may find it difficult on the surface but it is relatively easy even though time-consuming. Always start this project with a positive attitude. Be prepared to make organizational changes to upgrade your life. It will not happen before your kitchen looks beautiful, immaculate and clutter-free.

Home Improvement

Here’s Why You Need a Professional for Garage Door Installation

A garage door is certainly the largest movable part of a home. Keeping its size aside, the door has got its own share of functionalities. However, after a convenient period, these doors go out of order. During such a situation, installing a garage door happens to be the only resort.

However, with the circulation of dozen of beguiling DIY videos, people get indulged & undertake the task by themselves. Needless to say, the end result is not much desirable. Moreover, people end up hurting themselves along with rendering a faulty garage door installation Ottawa.

Are you planning to install a garage door and wrestling with your thoughts of trying DIY or hiring a professional? Well then, it is always advisable to opt for a professional for a garage door installation Ottawa. For those who usually upload those easy-to-do DIY installation videos are usually skilled in this particular task. So, save yourself from those gimmicky videos and stick to the conventional choice.

Here are 5 primary reasons describing why you need a professional for doing the installation of your garage door:

garage door installation

  1. Consistent Experience

The professionals before joining a company usually take extensive training to hone their skills. With years of proven track record and experience, thus these people become the perfect choice to do garage door installation Ottawa.

The installation process is not much easier as modern garage doors are bigger than the usual and more complex. Professionals with their hands-on experience can identify every issue without any difficulty. Therefore, their expertise will definitely help you achieve the task within less time and zero hassle.

  1. Out-and-out Safety

Installing garage doors can be risky, especially when people deal with springs and items alike. Moreover, during the process, usage of electricity can also cause several fatal accidents. According to a report, a lot many people every year die due to electrocution.

To avoid such fatalities, hiring a professional for garage door installation Ottawa is mandatory. A professional have adequate knowledge to work with electricity. He will take all the necessary precautions related to wiring for a safe installation.

  1. Knowledge of Using Correct Parts

From choosing the right opener to installing appropriate pulleys, the entire process entails a plethora of tools. Even DIY videos can’t save you from choosing the wrong items. Therefore, be on the safer side and get the job done correctly by hiring a mechanic. A professional mechanic has in-depth knowledge about all the intricate parts to fit them in with utmost precision and accuracy.

garage door repair Ottawa

  1. Cost-effective

Booking a professional service for garage door installation Ottawa is perhaps the most cost-effective way. People often assume that DIY can save lot of money. However, the truth is a professional service is worthwhile as it offers all the costing under a consolidated budget. All you need to do is find the best service in town which comes with a competitive price.

  1. Warranty

Usually, reputable services offer garage doors with warranty. Having the warranty is definitely a huge benefit as it will cover the future expenses within a stipulated tenure. This is indeed an added advantage.

These reasons are sturdy enough for you to book a professional service for garage door installation.


Home Improvement

5 Quick Tips to Choose a Bathroom Renovation Contractor

According to a survey, 83% of the Canadians every year opt for a bathroom renovation project. The fun fact is that, a good section of manipulated by those not-so-realistic DIY videos go frenzied and take up the task by themselves. However, people with minimum IQ will always do what is necessary, i.e. hiring bathroom repair contractors Toronto.

The complexity of the job entails expertise and no novice touch. So, if you are planning to remodel your bathroom this summer, without looking further choose one of the best bathroom repair contractors Toronto in town. Well, getting the superlative contractor is also a task. While choosing a service, you need to consider a few factors to level up the remodeling game.

Intrigued to know? Scroll further:

bathroom contractor

  1. Look for Credentials

This is one of the foolproof ways to settle for one of the top bathroom repair contractors Toronto in your locality. A good service will never be hesitant to produce the credentials to their clients. Therefore, if a contractor fails to provide the relevant certificates and license, you know which route to choose. Never compromise in terms of verifying the credibility of a contractor as it may to lead you towards having potential damage to your asset.

  1. Experience Counts

Experience matters any day in every field and bathroom repairing is no exception to it. To reach the right contractor, pay heed to the years of experience. Not to mention, a contractor service can only sustain for a prolonged period if and only if they are able to satisfy their customers with their skill and proficiency. Take a look at their work portfolio to get a better idea of their experience.

  1. Schedule an Appointment

This is indeed a smart step to consider. For instance, you can narrow down the list of the contractors and arrange meetings accordingly to decide for the best one. Generally, professional bathroom repair contractors Toronto never turn down such meetings. In such discussions, you must propose your estimated budget for bathroom remodeling work.

Any standard repairing company usually give several flexibilities for their clients to reap maximum benefits. You can also have the option to buy those necessary materials to save a good sum of money.

  1. Stay Particular About Paperwork

Paperwork is imperative for an easy initiation and end of any work. A project associated with bathroom renovation entails proper documentation too. The service that would provide relevant documents is the safer bet to stick. Make sure the legal agreements include the following aspects:

  • Bid price
  • Payment mode & schedule
  • Sequential schedule
  • Written clause
  • Proper site plan
  • Dispute resolution
  • Tenure
  • Limited warranty
  1. Ask for Referrals

Lastly, seek referrals from your friends and relatives to book the best contractor in town. Word-of-mouth can even give an idea of how a contractor works and the estimated costing. Moreover, you can also get an upfront discount from the company as a sign of goodwill gesture.

bathroom contractor toronto

Bonus Point:

You may also look for testimonials and reviews to choose a bathroom repairing contractor.

Be particular about your needs and take account of these points to get started.


Home Improvement

Comprehensive Guide for Choosing the Best Basement Renovation Company

Canada is supposedly a nation of renovators. Encompassing the renovation project across the length and breadth of the country, the market is estimated to reach a record of around $77.7billion past 12 months. Amongst all such projects, the clear winner has to be the basement renovations in Markham.

Needless to say, people are spending and showing their readiness to invest in a good sum for renovating their basements. Often corned as the non-essential part, a basement can be turned into a functional space in accordance with a homeowner’s preferences.

Certainly, undertaking a basement remodeling project entails expertise touch. Hence, it is ideal for the individuals to opt for professional service basement renovations in Markham.

Getting a standard yet affordable renovation company is perhaps a skill that every homeowner must possess. Several factors attribute in making a service competitive amongst the rest. Here are some major criteria you must put it into considerations to pick the renovation service.

markham basement renovations

  • Seeking License and Other Permits

Before starting the project, ask the contractors to provide enough credentials. Make sure the information must be as specific as possible. A good service provider will be always keen on showing their license and other relevant papers. So, never work with a company that is not licensed and registered under the state’s rule and regulations.

  • Give an Estimation of Your Expense

After you have streamlined the services, propose your renovation needs and estimated budget to them. Now, comes the catch point. It is not much recommended to choose the lowest bidder at once. Thoroughly check the background of the companies along with their offerings. And settle for the one that is competitive yet the utmost professional.

  • Have a Transparent Conversation

Communication is the key to any project to become successful. Not to mention, poor communication can mislead your project from a different perspective altogether. So, try and have a transparent communication with your selected company of basement renovations in Markham.

basement renovation markham

Bonus Point:

Before initiating the project, you may send emails or call them directly to judge their communication power.

  • Payment Mode

In case of payment, you need to act like a smart homeowner. Considering many incidents, renovation experts always suggest of not paying more than 1/3rd of the total cost as advance. Furthermore, you can also seek legal papers to have a clear idea of payment method and mode. An estimable company of basement renovations in Markham is usually unreserved in this particular aspect.

  • Liability in Case of Property Damage

While the process of overhauling, property damage may happen at any time. To do away with such conundrum, make sure of the fact that the contract paper has every detail regarding the following aspects:

  1. Who is reliable
  2. Type of damage
  3. Amount to be covered

See-through Before You Restore

Take account of all these factors to get hold of a superior service of basement renovations in Markham. Additionally, utilize the power of research to seal the best deal.


Home Improvement

Why Replacing Windows in Winter Isn’t a Bad Idea?

Are your windows in Canada, making creaking sounds? Well, looks like it’s time to invest in some replacement windows Mississauga. However, with the temperature dropping drastically, you might be dubious of calling your window and door company. After all, with days being shorter and colder, isn’t it difficult to complete a construction project?

Well, contrary to popular belief winter is actually the ideal time to invest in a construction project. Now, while you need to be careful to ensure that while working the cold doesn’t enter homes and drastically alter temperature, but aside from that, winter is best for these tasks.window replacement in mississauga

Want to know more? Keep Reading:

  1. Slow Season

Winter is a slow season, and thus there is a faster turnaround for construction projects in winter. This means you might call for a quote and instantly get it. Further, the time is taken by your construction to install your replacement windows Mississauga will also be lower.  The reason being, contractors are more accessible, as a result, even if work time is less, the frequent availability of crew makes up for that.

  1. Less Expensive

Winter is a complete off-season for all replacement windows Mississauga companies.  Because demands for construction projects are lower in colder temperatures, the companies would be more readily available, along with providing cheaper rates. So, as most suppliers lower cost of production, you’ll get to pick the best companies at lower rates.

  1. Lowers Energy Bill

If you’ve poorer windows in winter then you’ll likely incur heavy electricity bills, as these put a strain on energy consumption. Thus, asking a reputed replacement windows Mississauga to finish off your windows in winter helps prevent incurring extra energy bills.

The reason being, in winter you can ask your chosen company to help you install double or triple lane windows that are excellent sources of insulation. These windows help cut down 50% of energy bills as most of them use Argon gas in between them. This is an excellent source of insulation which helps in making your home warm and energy efficient.

  1. Easier to Fit

In summers the heat normally makes the window frames expand, and thus, the window fitted isn’t at its tightest. However, as the framing shrinks in winter the fitting offered is tighter and more compact. This helps in preventing leakage, and entry of cold air keeping homes nice and cozy.

Now, that you know of the various perks of installing replacement windows Mississauga in winter, it’s time for you to find the right contractor.

window replacement mississauga

Here’s How:

  1. You already know, winter will offer you the option to pick numerous contractors. So, check out testimonials of a few companies and pick one that does best.
  2. Find a contractor that is offering a stable rate. Contractors that charge too less might not use the best tools or frames, and you’ll want to avoid that.
  3. Pick a certified company that comes with a contractor and fitters simultaneously. In that way, in case of any problem, by directly contacting the company you can speak with your installer.

Well, now that you know the many perks and tricks, to hire window contractors, don’t wait around and replace your windows this winter.